About Mark


Mark Thomas

Whether you run a family-owned business, are leading a growth-oriented startup organization I have been in your shoes. I have not only led the evolution of family founded businesses, international boards, high growth organizations and corporate turnarounds, but I’ve also worked with CEOs and business owners who are tackling these kinds of challenges everyday.

I help leaders move to the next level of success by moving them to the next level of discipline in their planning, decision making, communication and execution.

Having participated in an executive advisory board myself, I know that advisory groups can make a dramatic difference in the way leaders manage their businesses.

I coach individuals considering moving from employment to self-employment. Typically, my clients are interested in new challenges, frustrated with their current job or career path, unemployed due to downsizing, and/or considering a career transition. I also work with people who want to develop additional sources of income.

I provide an education-based approach for exploring self-employment and business ownership. My goal is to educate my clients on how to best realize their dream to be self-sufficient and in control of their income, life-style, wealth and equity building potential.

I have a track record of helping people achieve their dream for self-employment and growing businesses by growing the people who lead the business. I can do the same for you.


Please contact me so we can start a conversation: https://mark-thomas.youcanbook.me